Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

This is a picture of my mom and dad. Today would have been their 67th wedding anniversary. They didn't have any wedding photos since they had a very simple courthouse wedding and I think this is the earliest photo of them as a married couple. I just want to honor them today by remembering a love that started way back when.

Saturday, May 31, 2014


My dear friend Karen is having a housewarming party today. I am so happy for her! She didn't buy a new house, she actually sold a house in order to rent a smaller house, but it represents a new step for her. It represents freedom. When I first met Karen around 14 years ago at a playgroup at the local community center, it never occurred to me that all these years later we would be such great friends. We have been through a lot in our lives, yet through it all we have been there with words of understanding, advice, or just to listen. The way friendship should be. When she got divorced a few years ago I watched her turn from someone who was afraid of the threats her ex was making, into a strong woman who was able to order that man out of her house after he felt it was ok to make himself at home when dropping a child off after a visit. She has changed drastically and it's been a joy and privilege to watch the transformation. The house she had with her husband was too much for her. Too much time, work, money. It was time to down size and simplify. It is actually costing her more money to live in her new place, but the freedom and feeling that come with it are priceless. So here's to Karen - May your new home bring you much happiness and may you make the best memories of you life there! Cheers!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

An Old Friend

My grandson, Connor, loves to be read to. One of the books I had saved from the library of my own children is The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Happily, Connor loves it as much as the children did and as much as I do! He is 10 months old, so isn't close to reading yet, but I do believe the love of reading starts as soon as we give children the chance to hear a good story. Connor loves to play with the hard paged cardboard books, and likes the paper paged books as well, but has learned the joy of tearing paper, so those are reserved for story time. Each time Connor has a story read to him, his posture changes. He settles back. He snuggles up. He knows what is coming. And he loves it. As I get to one of my favorite parts of the book, where Peter comes across the white cat sitting by the pond, I can hear his father's childhood voice say 'cat kitty' and when I read 'Scritch, scratch, scratch, scritch' as Mr. McGregor hoes in his garden, Connor smiles.
While I am sharing a love for reading with Connor and making new memories with my favorite little guy, I am at the same time strolling down memory lane, reliving moments with my own little ones so many years ago.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I have been a fan of tea for quite a while. I have a lovely wooden box to hold my assortment of tea bags. I have loose teas in tins, assorted infusers, spoons, and of course, pretty china cups and saucers. With my daughters and friends I have hosted several tea parties. We have them for Valentine's Day, the Royal Wedding, or for no special reason at all. We usually dress up, hats included! Why? Because it's more fun that way! I usually make several different types of tea sandwiches. I buy the Pepperidge Farm very thin white bread. I fill the sandwiches with tuna salad, egg salad, chicken salad, cucumber and a thin layer of cream cheese, or watercress. The crusts are removed and I usually cut the sandwiches into quarters, making little triangles. They taste better that way! Along with the sandwiches I may serve quiche or cream of crab soup. Scones, muffins or mini muffins, assorted pretty cookies, grapes, chocolate covered strawberries, or whatever strikes my fancy can also be found at our tea parties. I have two 3 tiered stands that I use to hold our treats. I bought them both at Target. One is stainless, so looks like silver without the price or bother. The other is wrought iron, so rustic looking, and great for a fall themed tea. My favorite tea parties are the ones we have on Valentine's Day. No girl should have to go without a special celebration just because she doesn't have a beau! We celebrate ourselves!
In England and Ireland I think we drank as much coffee as we did tea. We also developed a shortbread addiction, which I had a heck of a time breaking once I was home!
Since I have been home from my trip I have been having an evening cup of Earl Grey instead of my usual coffee. I find it relaxes me and I sleep better. (sleep is a huge issue of mine!) Now that summer is here and the girls will be out of school in a couple of weeks I will start planning a summer themed tea party. I want to make a refreshing summer fruit salad and find a nice selection of fruit flavored teas. The girls will help decorate our table and we'll dine under the shade of the large oak. I can hardly wait!